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Advance humanity through conscious and sustainable investments


We provide high-market executives with ethical investment opportunities, innovative exchange technology, transformational guidance and inspiring storytellers all designed to move their business, forward  and to redefine sustainable living trough contributing to the community and the environment.

Conscious Investing

Embracing strong environmental and social conduct, ultimately conscious corporate governance.
We are devoted to creating a social impact through our investments. 


Creating shared value

Our strategy focuses on corporate sustainability, ensuring long term,
sustainable value creation for our shareholders and


Business integrity

We insist on integrity, transparency and fairness in all aspects of business
and expect the same in our relationships with parties associated with our organisation. 


Communication & Engagement

Good communication is key and we encourage our employees
to feel valued, secure, and part of a larger common goal. 


Governance & Compliance

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.


Amoria Global’s team brings together experience in financial services, new blockchain technologies and compliance.

Frank Vandeweyer

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Vandeweyer

Co-Founder & COO 

Walter Van Gastel

Board Director

Erwin Van Osta

Board Director

Corporate Structure


The three important pillars of Amoria Global for an investment is creating the golden triangle for a

secure & sustainable economy



Amoria Global S.L. is an investment management company that focuses on providing ethical investments and financial backing to sustainable projects. The source of our investment capital comes from high-net worth individuals, institutional investors and large private equity firms funded by a group of accredited investors.


Amoria Resorts is the product of visionary minds who foresee what the future will hold. With our own water supply from underground rivers, Geo-power and solar energy, ecological and smart houses, feng shui and permaculture the resort is a safe haven with 24/7 security in the one of the best European Blue Zones.



Population pressure, global pollution and geopolitical shifts threaten humanities access to drinking water.
Amoria Water is developing secure water harvesting and delivery options for individuals, businesses and entities such as UNICEF and governments to safeguard and guarantee the basic human right to pure, safe drinking water.

Amoria Water will harvest pure mineral water from our own subterranean springs, process in our high tech testing and bottling facility, and distribute our bottled and branded Amoria Mineral Water for personal consumption. 

Additionally, our proprietary 24,000 litre Flexitanks are filled in our filling station and transported to areas of water shortage in shipping containers.  Special arrangements are planned for assistance to humanitarian relief efforts.


The Amoria Blockchain platform is a decentralised financial and ethical ecosystem allowing real- time gross settlements, remittances and the exchange of commercial water and beverages by implementing our tokens as means of exchange.

– Amoria’s platform aims at improving relationships between producers and consumers of the water and beverage market.

On the platform, Amoria will also sell its own water called Amoria Water, together with other water and beverage brands through the means of Amoria’s digital currency.




Vía Augusta 29, 6 Floor

08006 Barcelona