The projects

We have a vision for a better world and a unique concept that includes all elements for a self-sufficient society. We want to create a blueprint for the new way of life and conscious economy with respect for each other, nature, and the environment. All the projects are related to one or more of the 6 pillars of our vision: revive the power of your nature. 

Current situation

We have the permits to build real estate, and the licenses to exploit commercial activities (hotel, beauty and health center, convention center, shops). We have 7 water wells ready to be connected and the permit to start a bottling factory & filling station. Our 300 million utility tokens are accepted and regulated in Spain under the supervision of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). 

We have done a great amount of work and are ready for the next phase: construction, marketing, and sales. Therefore we need your help. Join us. Invest, participate, donate.