About us

We have a vision for a better world and a unique concept that includes all elements for a self-sufficient society. We want to create a blueprint for the new way of life and conscious economy with respect for each other, nature, and the environment.


Who we are?

All partners of Amoria are conscious (private) investors who want to contribute to the improvement of the world by developing new structures with respect for people, nature and the environment.

Frank Vandeweyer

Walter van Gastel

Erwin van Osta

Our vision: Revive the power of your nature

Our vision for a better world consists of 6 pillars

  1. Revive: get a new life
  2. The power of nature: health-enhancing place (nature, ley lines, water and mountains)
  3. The power of you: freedom, autonomy, using your own power
  4. Reviving the power of you: personal development; body, mind and spirit
  5. Revive the power of your nature: activation self-healing capacity
  6. Your nature: return to your own nature; your essence

Results in: Viver (epicurean): Pleasant and delightful enjoyment of the abundance that life offers

Are you one of the visionaries who understand the impact of these projects and want to have an influence on the future of our collective consciousness?

Be one of the new leaders the world needs. Join us.

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