AMORIA STARS | Decentralized capital

Some elements of the self-sustaining society will be developed with decentralized funding.

Stars are magical points of light that remind us of other worlds and universal forces.

A star always comes together, forming systems and clusters with other stars.

Together they bring light into the darkness.

For whom?

Investors who:

  • know what’s going on in the world and want to use their resources to change it
  • are looking for a safe way to invest their money (now that stocks and crypto have collapsed, and banks are on the verge of collapse)
  • embrace the vision and core values, and want to contribute to its development
  • want a safe and nice place for themselves, and invest in the project development to make sure it will be built

Everyone who embraces our vision and mission has the opportunity to participate and benefit. 

Stars are guides that show you the way. They navigate you to where you wish to be.

This is where the new way of life and a conscious economy will arise.

Join us on this journey.